Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - Pulse 1.4 Gin Sprint Evo

Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - Pulse 1.4 Gin Sprint Evo

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Passionate of fun and adrenaline? Discover the new Pulsation!

Описание на продукта

Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - Pulse 1.4 Gin Sprint Evo Description

This Kit Rc Paraglider Pulse 1.4 is designed to guarantee maximum fun and enjoyment.

This kit includs, all the elements necessary for soaring without RX/TX 2ch minimum and battery

Its inflation is evident, smooth low load, tonic top of range, it will allow you to push your limits safely.
Designed with a new high penetration profil and a new internal structure, this wing provides 20% higher glide rate than the Spiral 1.2R.

Optimal stability achieves an accelerated rate higher significantly reducing the risk of frontal collapses in turbulent conditions.
Optimized its turn, will allow you to easily wrap the thermal by minimizing the falling rate, making Waggas or acrobatic flights, Mac twists, helicos and  tumblings will have no secrets for you.

Associated with Max, the new pilot offers possibilities for piloting never seen before.

Due to its specific geometry, it is able to accommodate two micros servos in his legs to put the pilot weight to the side of the harness and/or to accelerate the wing in transitions.
Max is equipped with a new harness, bigger, stronger and with details of manufacturing wich are very realistic!

Catch the pulsation and expand your flight horizon

Compatible Backpack S / Backpack M / Trike MII


Opale Paramodels - Pulse 1.4 Videos

Opale Pulse 1.4 Gin Sprint Kit include:

  • Wing Pulse 1.4 Gin Sprint Evo ( green / white / lime green )
  • Innerbag made with Cordura
  • Bridle repaire Kit
  • Fabric repaire Kit
  • Pilot Max
  • 700gr Ballast


To start soaring you will just need to add:

  • Remote control - minimum 2ch
  • Batteries
  • Paramotor for Powered flights

Допълнителна информация


Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - Pulse 1.4 Gin Sprint Characteristics :

  • Flat area: 1.4m2
  • Flat wingspan : 2.7m
  • Aspect Ratio : 5.2
  • Number of cells: 30