Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - Fox 1.5

Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - Fox 1.5

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FOX 1.5 is high performance RC paraglider, only for advanced pilots.

Описание на продукта

Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - FOX 1.5 Description

FOX 1.5 is a new High performance Rc Paraglider specialy designed for pilots who would like to fly higher and longer.
Due to his profil, high aspect ratio, high number of cells and new technologies we use on the Spiral 2.4, FOX 1.5 gives you an impressive stability feeling, and a lot of fun to roll the thermals like the full size paraglider.

Fox is designed to get a flat turn, to optimise glide rate. Recoveries after collapses or fullstalls are optimised to get this manoeuver very easy.

Wingtips were specialy involved to eliminate turbulences. That’s the first Rc Paraglider who have this technology. But now, who will do the same first ?


Opale Paramodels - FOX 1.5 Video

Opale Fox 1.5 Kit include:

  • Fox 1.5
  • Manual
  • Completed Pilot with servomotors and plastic arms
  • 2* Stainless Buckless
  • 1000g Ballast
  • Rucksack


To start soaring you will just need to add:

  • 2ch Remote control with delta mixer
  • Batteries
  • Paramotor for Powered flights

Допълнителна информация


Opale Rc Paraglider Kit - FOX 1.5 Characteristics :

  • Flat area : 1.5m2
  • Flat Wingspan : 3m
  • Aspect Ratio : 6
  • Fabric: Skysilk 20D 33gr/m2
  • Weight: 280gr
  • 3 lines risers compatible with Speedbar / Easy take off system
  • Advised weight for paramotor : 2kg with front line, 3kg without front line
  • Advised weight for paraglider : 1.2kg to 2.4 kg