HQ Montana 7 - 7.0m²

HQ Montana 7 - 7.0m²

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HQ Montana 7 Power kite - To your limit and beyond!

With performance and safety in mind, we continuously raise the bar with new kite generations. The new Montana 7 has been adjusted once more for the ambitions and demands of land and snowkiters alike. The perfect light wind performance and easy handling in difficult conditions are the characteristics for the new range. The Montana 7 has a predictable nature to give you the rider trust in your kite to push harder and go further. The reduced bridle line thickness, combined with technological influence from the paragliding industry, gives you a kite with more wind range than ever before. You need to fly these kites to believe them, the hang time and lift will bring you the missing element in your flying and the confidence to do it.

Описание на продукта

HQ Montana 7 Videos - Freestyle Power kite for Snow and Land kiting

HQ Montana 7 Features:

  • Reduced bridle thickness for more performance
  • Easy to fly for stress-free landboard and snowkite fun
  • Incredible lift and hangtime
  • HUGE depower
  • Designed with paragliding expert Tom Bourdeau

HQ Montana 7 comes complete ready-to-fly (RTF), package include:

  • High-quality backpack
  • De-power control bar
  • Coloured Y-line set
  • Multilingual de-power guide

Допълнителна информация

Size 7.0 9.0 12.0 14.0
Flat Span (cm)
547 619 712 748
Flat A/R 4.20 4.25 4.30 4.30
Cells 22 26 26 26
Wind Range 3-7 Bft
14-61 km/h
9-38 mph
7.5 - 33

2-7 Bft
6-55 km/h
4-34 mph
3.2 - 29.7

2-6 Bft
6-44 km/h
4-27 mph
3.2 - 23.8

2-5 Bft
6-35 km/h
4-22 mph
3.2 - 18,9

Dyneema Line Set (incl.)
Y-Line Set 300-600 kp
Back Line Set 270 kp
22 m
Y-Line Set 300-600 kp
Back Line Set 270 kp
22 m
Y-Line Set 300-600 kp
Back Line Set 270 kp
25 m
Y-Line Set 300-600 kp
Back Line Set 270 kp
25 m
Control Option DP-Bar 50cm DP-Bar 50cm DP-Bar 60cm DP-Bar 60cm
Colours grafik_montana7_7.gif grafik_montana7_9.gif grafik_montana7_12.gif grafik_montana7_14.gif