HQ Quick Lava - Stunt Kite, 48x115cm, incl. 17kp Polyester Line, 2x30m


15,00 €


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HQ ECO LINE beginner stunt kites provide excellent value for money. These kites provide big fun at a reasonable price. All ECO LINE stunt kites are made of durable Ripstop Polyester and come Ready to Fly, incl. spool handles, flying lines, carry bag und set up instructions.

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HQ Quick video:

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Width: 115 cm / 45"

Height: 56 cm / 22"

Sail: Polyester Frame: 3 mm fiberglass

Lines incl.: Polyester 17 kp, 2 x 30 m / 2 x 80 ft. on spool

Wind: 2-5 Bft. (11-38 km/h, 7-24 mph)

Age: 8+