HQ Mantra


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Mantra - a kite for chilling, dreaming, tricking. Of course, the Mantra performs the modern tricks and moves masterfully, which it conjures up with a certain radicalism and elegance to the sky. The balance of the Mantra does not require a long settling-in period. Tricks are implemented with a high degree of precision and traceability. The precision on long straights, in corners and loops is a real strength of this kite. The Mantra never overstrains its pilot, yet it offers a sheer untapped potential for developing its own flying abilities.

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Width 243 cm
Height 93 cm
Sail Ripstop-Polyester "Light" 31 g
Frame Skyshark P2X + SkyShark 5PT
Lines Not included, Recommended: 40-70 kp / 100-150 lb.
Wind range 2-5 Bft. (6-35 km/h)
Age 14 +