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On-line kite shop - - Buy a new Power or Stunt kite and get a free lesson for beginners!

Welcome to our site! This is a place where you will remember childhood or you will be able to strengthen new horizon pulled by the wind. Wondering what kite to get? Here you can find all models and sizes. From a classic children's kite to Power kite for people with experience and practice. We offer Sport Kites, Power Kites, Snow Kites, Mountainboards, Kite-Buggies, Kite-Boards, Accessories, Toys and Luxuries that make practicing your favorite sport and hobby more enjoyable. If you can't make your choice or you are unsure which model or size you prefer, consult with us and we will gladly help you select the most suitable product for you. Order a kite and get a free lesson from a competent instructor!


KiteBG is more than just an e-shop for Sports kites and Power kites.

Our main goal is to develop kiting sports locally. In recent years kitesurfing has gained great popularity, but Land / Dry kiting, Snowkiting and Sport kites are not yet well known. For their promotion we help the development of the best kiters and Stunt kite's pilots, which in turn share their experience with others.

We import some of the leading brands on the market - HQ-Power kites, Peter Lynn buggies, Scrub mountainboards, Level-One and Kitehouse sport kites. We strive to maintain a maximum level of service, but above all we want our customers to remain satisfied with their purchases and have fun.

Have a pleasant time discovering new horizons! Kitebg team


Invento-HQ / HQ-Power kites Catalogs for 2014

Download Catalog Kites and Windspiration 2014 (pdf file - 102MB) by clicking here. (Single line kites, stunt kites, power kites, kitesurf, snow kites, buggies, ATBs, trainer kites.... and many more)
Download Catalog Toys / Gifts & Gadgets / Fun-sport 2014 (22MB) by clicking here. (Toys, Boomerangs, Longboards, RC Helicopters, Scooters, Slackline, Skateboard)

Price list of all products can be downloaded from here. Make an order via skype, e-mail, phone or on-line.

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